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Tripped out urban electro-death.

I suffer myself.

Dressed up and messed up.
22 January
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I enjoy mostly industrial, techno, and hardcore music. I belive that all music is a wonderful, beautiful expression of emotion and ideas. Except hip-hop and country. BLECH! I'm finding that I'm liking popular american music less and less. It all sounds the same. I never listen to the radio because, to me, its like listening to the same bad tape over and over again. I like meeting new people and I believe strongly in the 6 degrees of separation. Your only 6 people away knowing everyone in the world. I am currently teaching myself Karate and Sai-jutsu from a book until I can afford proper lessons. So far I have smashed a bong and a lamp so thats not going to well. I love sports cars. My favorite car company is BMW. I used to smoke alot of pot in the past but I just can't tolerate anymore. There is much more but you have to ask me if you want to know.

I adopted a cute lil' death fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!